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  Stop Drill

Stop Drill

Purpose:  To develop timing and good passing and receiving technique in the passer and the receiver using a direct pass.

Equipment:  2 balls and 3 cones (the cones are 5x5x5) (Throwing distance 7 yards)

How:  The receiver is in a two-point receiver stance and the passer is in a ready to throw stance. On “GO” the receiver sprints 5 yards to the next cone and stops, pivots towards the passer and looks for the ball.  The passer throws the ball to the outside of the cone as soon as the receiver stops.  Get 5 reps. At the start of the season have the lines rotate so that you can see the best passers and receivers.  During the season the QB is the passer and the SE, TE, and Slots are the receivers. (Thrown as a Bullet/Direct)

Keys to Receiving:

·          Get in your eyes on the ball and get your body in front of the ball.

·          Spread your fingers and get your thumbs together to form a triangle if the ball is above your waist.  Watch the ball in to the triangle and as the ball comes in wrap your hands around it.

·          If the ball is below your waist get your pinkies together and form a shovel and get them under the ball.

·          Secure the ball to your side.

Keys to Passing:

·          The ball is by the ear and the throwing arm is cocked and ready to throw.

·          The non-throwing foot is pointed at the receiver and your hips are square to the receiver as well.

·          As you throw it starts from the twisting of your hips, upper body, and into your arms.  The hand as you release the ball should point in the direction of the receiver.  This forces the hand to come down on the ball creating spin. 

·          If the ball is thrown directly at the receiver the hand should be pointed at the chest of the receiver.  (bullet pass)

·          If the ball is lofted at the receiver the hand should be point above the receiver and the throwing shoulder should drop slightly. (bomb/pooch pass)

·          A receiver moving must be lead.  The distance you have to throw the receiver determines the lead.  The longer the throw the more lead.  A short throw should lead a receiver at least 1 yard, a long throw should lead a receiver 5 yards.

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