Football Tips & drills
  1 step drill

1 Step Drill:

(by Coach Eric Freund)

Purpose:  Teach Linebackers how to make contact with a player.


Technique:    Pair up linebackers facing each other.  The linebacker will line up opposite a bag holder and be shaded to the left.  The linebackers right foot should be slightly back and in the middle of the bag.  The right shoulder should be on the bag.  On coaches command, Linebacker will take a six inch step with his right foot to the bag and throw his forearm through the bag.  The foot should make contact on the ground at the same time the forearm hits the bag.  Coach should emphasize a quick step and contact and accelerate through contact. Repeat drill with left shoulder. 


Alternate Techniques:  Drill can also be done versus a sled, or against a man wearing full pads

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