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  Block shed Drill

Block Shed Drill:

(by Coach Eric Freund)


Teach Linebackers how to attack and take on a blocker


Line up Linebacker head up on bag holder about 5 yards away.  On cadence, have linebacker attack the bag with his right shoulder.  The linebacker should aim his right shoulder at the hip of the defender.   Linebacker should look to make contact with his right foot, right shoulder and forearm at the same time and get to the hip of the blocker.  Linebacker should break down after getting to the hip of offensive lineman and redirect to football. 


1. Bag holder standing. (Move LBer to 3 yards) 

2. Bag holder takes two steps to shoulder.  Redirect to football.

3. Full pads: blocker full speed to contact.  Redirect to football.

4. Full Pads: blocker full speed to contact, Form tackle ball carrier or Bag.

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