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  Jam Drill

Jam Drill

Purpose:  To develop sound jamming fundamentals while using inside shade bump and run.

Equipment:  2 receivers

How:  Two cornerbacks face two receivers in inside shade bump and run.  The receiver is in a two-point receiver stance.   On “GO” the receiver releases up field until he gets by the cornerback.  The cornerback executes a good jam; the jam should knock the receiver off his path and disrupt the pattern for 1 to 2 second.  The coach should flag the corner for holding if he grabs or locks on cloth at anytime.  Once the corner completes his jam he goes to the rear of the opposite line.


Key Points to Jamming:


1.     The cornerback aligns with his outside foot back, his knees bent, and his body bent at the waist with his arms up in a ready position to strike the receiver.

2.     The cornerback does not move to the receiver to jam instead he mirrors’ the receiver until the receiver reaches him and then he jams him.  On an inside or straight up release the receiver will come to him and he strikes the receiver in the sternum (outside arm) and the shoulder (inside arm).  On an outside release he moves laterally to stay in  an inside relation to the receiver and as the receiver crosses he strikes the receiver as above.

3.     The jam comes from the waist, shoulders, and then arms firing into the sternum and the inside shoulder.  When he makes contact he drives the palms of  his hands into the sternum and inside shoulder at the same time.

4.     Watch the hips of the receiver if they point in the direction he moves then he intends on going there if they stay square then he plans to go the other way or straight.

Key Points to ISBR (Inside Shade Bump and Run) Coverage:


1.     Keep your shoulders square with the receiver especially if he is moving horizontally on the LOS. 

2.     Once he cuts up field backpedal  to stay with him until he crosses your hips then turn and follow him.  You must turn towards the receiver  which means your open side foot crosses over as you turn towards him.  You must stay near his inside hip.

3.     When he turns his head to look for the ball you must get your near hand up in his face and your far hand up to attack the ball.  Keep your eyes on the receiver until he gets aggressive and goes after the ball then you go after the ball.  This is call a “Trail Technique”

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