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  Wingback Seal Block Drill

Wingback Seal Block

Purpose: To teach the back how to execute a proper seal block and to develop good technique and confidence in the block.

Equipment: 2 shields, and 4 cones.

How: Two players holding shields and facing the back on their side; they are three steps of the LOS and two steps to the inside of the cone.  The back is in a two-point stance one yard outside and one yard deep to the cone.  On “GO” the back takes a release step outside clears the defensive line and turns inside squaring his shoulders perpendicular to the LOS; he then “wishbone blocks” the first linebacker (Shield) that he comes to generally the LB will be square to the LOS and reading/reacting to the backfield or he will be in pursuit mode.  The LB moves to the outside by shuffling and then turning and attacking the edge.  Once the backs finish they go to the end of the opposite line. 

Seal block – an outside –in block by the wingback.  Takes an outside release step and does not attempt to touch the defensive lineman inside him.  He turns inside perpendicular to the LOS and attacks the first linebacker’s outside shoulder inside of the point-of-attack.

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