Football Tips & drills
  Bag & Board Drill

Bag and Board Drill

Purpose – to develop proper wishbone blocking technique and develop a “Finish It Off” attitude.

Equipment – 5 3’x6” boards and 5 bags w/ 5 players holding the bags

How – five players hold five bags with their feet shoulder width apart.  The bag is in front of them and on the bottom is resting on the ground.   Five players get into three-point stance 2yards away.  On “GO” they fire off in a good DW blocking technique and drive the bag beyond the board (uses drive step).  He has to keep a good base and keep his feet moving has he drives the bag back.  The holder should offer minimum to moderate resistance.  A good key to see if they are striking the bag right is that it pops up on contact and is driven straight back at the same time.  Try for 3 reps.

Drive step – a short step with the play side foot “toes are pointed at the target”.

Jab step – a very short step (half a shoe) forward planting the foot without coming out of the stance.

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