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  Shoeshine Drills

Shoeshine Drill

Purpose – To develop the proper cutoff block technique in our backside blockers.

Equipment – None

How – To execute a proper shoeshine block the blocker starts in a three-point DW stance.  On “GO” he takes an open step and lunges to the inside (just above the nose of the next man inside) and shoots his backside/away arm across the defenders shoes and then crawls down the LOS.  If each blocker executes their block correctly their backside shoulder would be near the next blockers near hip.  The object is not to block the defender in the gap but to take away the gap from the defender by forcing the defender to go over or around the cutoff block.  He must stay flat to the LOS and not cross it he is trying t o create a wall on the backside.  Let them bear crawl for 2 yards.  Try to do 3 reps to each side.

Shoeshine block – a backside blocker’s technique that cuts off the inside defender on the backside when we are pulling either a backside guard or a backside guard and tackle.

Open Step – a short side-step with toes at about 45 degrees.

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