Football Tips & drills
  Bag & Trap Drill

Bag and Trap Drill

Purpose – To develop a good trap technique by improving stance, footwork and take off while working on delivering a aggressive block into a blocking dummy.

Equipment – 5 blocking dummies and 5 bag holders (players)

How –  A proper trap block like all blocks starts with the proper footwork and technique.  He starts in a three-point DW stance and on “GO” he takes a drop step squares his shoulders to the bag and wishbone blocks it. The bag is 2 yards away.   A good block is indicated by the bag popping up and back at the same time.  Let the blockers drive the bag 3 yards back.  The holder should provide moderate resistance and be point at the postman. Try for 3 reps to each side.

Drop Step – a short slightly backward step with toes at about 45 degrees.


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