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  Two bags X Drill

Two Bags X Drill

Purpose – To develop a good aggressive X blocking technique.

Equipment – two cones, two bags, and two bag holders (players)

How –Two players line up 6 inches apart with two bags w/holders.   The coach designates who is the inside blocker and who is the outside blocker.  The bag holder of the inside blocker will line up inside eye and the bag holder over the outside blocker will line up outside eye.  On “GO” the outside blocker down blocks (open steps) the bag over the inside blocker and drives him past the cone on the other side of the inside blocker (1 yard away).  At the same time that happens the inside blocker drop steps and down blocks the first outside defender he comes too.  Do one side and them have the blockers switch responsibilities and repeat then move to the end of the line.  Work for 3 reps to each side.

Open Step – a short side-step toes at about 45 degrees.

Drop Step – a short slightly backward step, toes at about 45 degrees.

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